The „Beetles“ are coming

During the fifties people again experienced lust for life and the wish for reconstruction and change became  very strong in order to erase all the grey shades oft he past.  The German economic miracle was a consequence of this way of thinking and „Made in Germany“ soonly became a hit as it stood for quality and authenticity.  Then it was reasonable to think of leisure time and holiday.

In the mid-fifties the first beetles were crossing the alps driven by the longing for Mediterranean  landscape and culture or better for „Dolce Vita“ and „Chianti“. Most also stopped in South Tyrol
and the inhabitants spontaneously offered their private rooms as the run came completely unexpected.
Among the first landladies in Tirolo can be named Mrs. Geier Stefanie widow Prünster who heartily welcomed the guests to the „Beatenhof“ in via Ling, 22.  There was no luxury at all but the small comfort was compensated by a very sincere hospitality as – for example – in the evening they were all together sitting in the wooden  living room called „Stube“  and drinking a glas of good wine.

Zu den ersten Privatzimmervermietern in Dorf Tirol gehörte Frau Geier Stefanie Wwe. Prünster, die auf dem Beatenhof in der Lingstr. die „Herrischen“ herzlich willkommen hieß. Es waren durchaus einfache Verhältnisse, jedoch wurde der spärliche Komfort mit ehrlicher Gastfreundschaft kompensiert und abends saß man noch bei einem „guaten“ Glasl Wein in der gemütlichen holzgetäfelten Gaststube


Opa Tante Moidl Marta